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Global Hit

A Jewish musical renaissance is taking place in Moscow. Reporter Daniel Rosenberg tells us about two musicians who perform Yiddish music in the Russian capital.

Global Politics

Progress slow in rebuilding Gaza Strip

Linda Gradstein reports that conditions in the Gaza Strip have not improved as much as international aid donors want. The Palestinians blame Israel for restricting transportation, Israel demands assurances that material won't be used to make weapons.

Global Politics

Israel eases Gaza blockade

Israel has announced it will ease the land blockade of the Gaza Strip and allow more goods to enter Palestinian territory. It comes amid growing international pressure to end the embargo. Marco Werman talks with the BBC's John Donnison who is in Gaza.

Global Politics

Gaza power outages

It's been a long hot summer for a lot of us. But it's feeling even longer and hotter for some people in the Gaza Strip. That's because of incessant power outages, as The World's Matthew Bell reports from Gaza City.