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Swedish piracy-- the file-sharing kind

Four Swedish men who ran the hugely-successful file-sharing website "The-Pirate-Bay" have been convicted of copyright infringement by a court in Stockholm. They were sentenced to a year in prison. But a lot of Swedes support The Pirate Bay, including Rickard Valksvinge. He heads a political party calling for piracy law reform. It's called the Pirate Party. He speaks with Anchor Marco Werman.

Global Politics

Domain name echoes Soviet times

It has been nearly 20 years since the Soviet Union dissolved, but that hasn't stopped some Russians from using an Internet domain called .su, which stands for the Soviet Union. Jessica Golloher has the details from Moscow.

Global Politics

Violence in Belfast

Community leaders in Northern Ireland today are trying to figure out why violence has returned to the streets of Belfast. There've been riots for the past three nights. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Father Gary Donegan in the Ardoyne.