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How a century-old rule is keeping the American legal profession from innovating like its foreign colleagues

If you want to get legal advice in Canada, you can swing by Wal-Mart. And in the UK, legal advice is handed out in grocery stores. But a rule implemented more than 100 years ago in the US keeps legal advice largely out of reach for most Americans and keeps innovations from changing the stodgy legal field.

Science, Tech & Environment

These university students have found a way to make prosthetic limbs affordable to the masses

The fact is, prosthetics can change the course of someone's life. But they're usually prohibitively expensive — available only to the well-insured and the well-to-do. But a team of graduate students in Massachusetts say they've found a way to build artificial limbs for just a few dollars, potentially making these life-changing devices available all over the world.

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Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz, we wanted the name of a state in India that's handing out free cell phones to villagers -- hoping they'll supply timely information about rebel movements. The answer is the state of Jharkhand -- in northeastern India.

Conflict & Justice

Hacking into celebrity cell phones

The News of The World, a tabloid owned by Rupert Murdoch, has allegedly been hacking into thousands of celebrity cell phones. Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with The World's Technology Correspondent Clark Boyd to find out how this sort of hacking is done.

Global Politics

Satellites keep an eye on nukes

One way that the disarmament of nuclear weapons is monitored is through the use of satellite technology. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Kevin Pomfret who has helped to develop strategies to monitor arms control agreements.