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Conflict & Justice

China's media strategy

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Xiao Qiang director of the University of California, Berkeley's China Internet Project, about China's strategy for handling media coverage of the protests in western China.

Global Politics

Mexico's drug war in the US

US officials have announced the arrest, on American soil, of more than 300 members of a major Mexican drug cartel. El Universal has been running a series focusing on drug-trafficking north of the border. One of the reporters is Evangelina Hernandez.

Global Politics

Kim Jong Il, 'fashion icon'

A North Korean website says the ?Dear Leader? began a global fashion trend with his zippered jumpsuits. Many North Koreans believe it. North Korea watcher and author Barbara Demick explains how authorities there have mastered the art of propaganda.

Conflict & Justice

Keeping secrets from Congress

This weekend the New York Times broke the story that the Bush administration had a secret counter-terrorism program started after the 9/11 attacks and that Vice President Cheney directed the CIA to keep it from Congress. Jason Margolis reports.

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Valedictory dispatches

Here's a satisfying day-dream: you have quit your job, but you're encouraged to write down your opinion about the whole thing � and then publish it to your colleagues. Well, that was long standard practice for British diplomats. Alex Gallafent reports

Global Politics

NYC bomb suspect ?nearly escaped US'

Details have emerged of how Pakistan-born Faisal Shahzad, who is suspected of plotting to bomb New York City's Times Square, was arrested while trying to leave the US. The World's Matthew Bell reports on changes being made to the way no-fly lists work.

Conflict & Justice

Offline in China

The US-based rights group, Freedom House, said today that China tops the charts as one of the world's worst offenders of internet censorship. The World's Clark Boyd has details.

Arts, Culture & Media

Cantonese: a Dialect in Peril?

In official China, Mandarin is favored over all other dialects. That has had a knock-on effect here in the US, where Cantonese used to be the dominant Chinese language. Reporter Nina Porzucki reports from New York on how Cantonese is faring.

Conflict & Justice

Europe slow to react

The World's Gerry Hadden reports on the slow and muddled European reaction to the anti-government protests in Egypt. Like the US, many European countries are caught between supporting an old ally and calling for an orderly democratic transition in Egypt.