Conflict & Justice

Al Jazeera's impact on Libya

The World's Alex Gallafent reports on Al Jazeera's impact on events in Libya. The TV network's Arabic language news coverage is watched via satellite by many Libyans hungry for something other than the official coverage on Libya's state-run broadcasters.

Global Politics

I'mHalal: The Muslim search engine

In Islam, something that is haram is forbidden. The opposite of haram is halal, permissible. Now, a new Internet search engine is helping Muslims sort out the levels of what is forbidden, offering up clean search results, Cyrus Farivar has the story.

Global Politics

Aid for Haiti

Anchor Jeb Sharp speaks with Bob Poff, the disaster coordinator for Salvation Army. He was in Haiti at the time of the earthquake. He discusses what he and his team have been seeing as they struggle to get help to earthquake victims.

Lifestyle & Belief

Iranian blogger sentenced

Iranian-Canadian Hossein Derakhshan aka Hoder, credited with sparking the boom in reform blogging among Iranians, has reportedly been sentenced to 19 years in prison by an Iranian court. The World's Clark Boyd has more on the story.

Conflict & Justice

Legal troubles for Wikileaks founder

Wikileaks' Julian Assange could face serious charges in the United States over Wikileaks' release of government documents. The prosecution wouldn't be easy. Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with John Bellinger, a former legal advisor to the State Department.