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Happy 50th birthday, Zambia!

The southern African nation of Zambia gained independence from Britain on October 24, 1964. Half a century later, it’s one of the most politically stable countries in the region. But as Zambia celebrates its 50th birthday, some Zambians are turning their attention to fixing the problems of the future.

Arts, Culture & Media

Mexico City's drug museum

In 1985 the military opened a museum of the history of drugs in Mexico. It started with just a few displays. 25 years later, The ?Museo de Enervantes? is packed with items of the battle against the drug cartels. From Mexico City, Jennifer Schmidt reports.

Arts, Culture & Media

Amazon geoglyphs

We're heading to the furthest reaches of the world's biggest forest in search of a lost city. Anthropologists thought only small, simple societies lived there. Rumors have persisted of long-lost great civilizations. The World's Marina Giovannelli reports.