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Scientists are working on ways of predicting where the flu will strike next

The ability to predict when and where the flu might strike or how bad it might be could allow public health professionals — and you — to better prepare for the flu season — avoiding illness, saving the economy billions of dollars and even preventing thousands of deaths. So scientists are hard at work on refining and improving how we can track and forecast the flu.

Health & Medicine

Is marijuana really an effective drug? Surprisingly, scientists have no solid answer

The movement to legalize marijuana for medical use continues to gain momentum in the US. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have approved marijuana for medical use and a handful of states allow recreational use of the drug. As the debate continues, one surprising fact emerges: There is no strong scientific evidence to support the arguments of either side.

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A new book recounts the forgotten history of autism

We tend to think of autism as a modern disease — “the unique disorder of our uniquely disordered times," as author Steve Silberman writes in a new book. But that idea, he says, doesn't quite square with the facts. The real history of autism is less known and more tragic — both for the people who suffered from the disorder and for the doctor, Hans Asperger, whose pioneering ideas about autism were long neglected.