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Conflict & Justice

Geo answer

For today's Geo Quiz we wanted you to name an central European capital known for its spires. The answer is Prague, in the Czech Republic. A radio station there is at the center of a controversy over free speech. The World's David Leveille has the story.

Global Politics

Shirin Ebadi on Roxana Saberi

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Shirin Ebadi, the Nobel Peace Prize winning Iranian human rights activist. Ms. Ebadi speaks about the case of Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, who was just released from a Tehran prison.

Lifestyle & Belief

Danish cartoonist attacked

A Somali man, armed with an axe, broke into the house of Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard ? one of the artists involved in the controversy over cartoon depictions of the Prophet Mohammed four years ago. Anchor Marco Werman has details.

Global Politics

Egypt's reaction to protests

Reporter Ursula Lindsey tells how Iran's street protests are being viewed in Egypt. Cairo and Tehran are old rivals, with longstanding grievances. Neither wants to see anti-government demonstrations on their streets.

Conflict & Justice

Burma activist returns to US home

A US-Burmese democracy activist was arrested last fall when he tried to enter Myanmar. He spent five months in prison before being released two weeks ago. Kyaw Zaw Lwin is now back at his home in Washington. Reporter Bruce Wallace pays him a visit.

Conflict & Justice

China's Army sings Lady Gaga

China now not only has more people online than the US has citizens and many are getting slyly creative. They're posting mash-ups of vintage People's Liberation Army choir footage with modern pop hits. The World's Mary Kay Magistad has more from Beijing.