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Roadblocks in Buenos Aires

Ian Mount reports on the popularity of one particular form of protest in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The roadblock is used by everyone from the unemployed to war veterans to highlight their demands � whatever they may be.


Confucius versus Avatar

?Avatar' is hugely popular in China, but the government has been pulling it out of theaters to replace it with the epic about the life of Confucius, starring Chow Yun-fat. Mary Kay Magistad went to the movies to find out what people in China make of this.


Kim Jong Il, 'fashion icon'

A North Korean website says the ?Dear Leader? began a global fashion trend with his zippered jumpsuits. Many North Koreans believe it. North Korea watcher and author Barbara Demick explains how authorities there have mastered the art of propaganda.


Protests against Koran burning

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Ahmed Sheikh, former Editor-in-Chief of Al-Jazeera's Arabic service; now an advisor to the Al-Jazeera board, about demonstrations in Muslim countries sparked by the threats of a Florida pastor to burn copies of the Koran.