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Facebook ban in Pakistan

Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Evgeny Morozov at Georgetown University, about a Facebook initiative that has angered many Pakistanis. It's a Facebook group that's calling on members to post their drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

Conflict & Justice

China's Army sings Lady Gaga

China now not only has more people online than the US has citizens and many are getting slyly creative. They're posting mash-ups of vintage People's Liberation Army choir footage with modern pop hits. The World's Mary Kay Magistad has more from Beijing.

Lifestyle & Belief

Yemeni threat goes on line

Anwar al-Awlaki posted a video on radical web sites today calling for the killing of Americans. He said no special religious permission is required to kill them. The Christian science monitor correspondent Laura Kasinof reports from Sana'a.