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Storm expert says climate change may have played a big role in Typhoon Haiyan after all

Atmospheric scientist and tropical storm expert Kerry Emanuel has taken a deeper look at the possible influence of climate change on supertyphoon Haiyan, and has found that global warming may have had a good deal more to do with the storm's intensity than he originally thought.

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Melting Permafrost

For today's Geo Quiz, we head to the frozen north. We have heard a lot about the problem of melting ice as climate change warms up the Arctic. But scientists are also worried about something else that is melting up there — permafrost.

Global Politics

California climate change summit

A UN gathering on climate change is scheduled for next month in Poland. But California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't waiting. Today, he welcomed hundreds of high-ranking officials for a climate change summit in Beverly Hills.

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Geo answer

Today's Geo Quiz sent us in search of a European country whose borders are shifting as a result of climate change. The answer is Italy. Anchor Lisa Mullins explains why.