Arts, Culture & Media

Bulgarians warm to Turks

For centuries, people in Bulgaria haven't had much good to say about their neighbors in Turkey. But that's changing now that Bulgarian TV viewers are hooked on Turkish soap operas. Reporter Matthew Brunwasser has the story.

Lifestyle & Belief

Parting the Red Sea

The crossing of the Red Sea in the biblical story of the Exodus has long made theologians wonder, where could the legendary event have taken place? In the Geo Quiz, Carl Drews is trying to shed some light on the issue. Marco Werman talks with him.

Conflict & Justice

The holidays in Ju-rez

The city of Ju-rez would seem to have little to celebrate this holiday season. Drug cartels have been battling among themselves and with police. And yet, at least one neighborhood in Ju-rez is going to celebrate Christmas. Monica Ortiz Uribe reports.