Birth Stories Without Borders

We want to tell stories of people around the world giving birth. Take a minute and tell us what it was like when you gave birth — or when your child was born. Or call up your mom and ask her what it was like when you were born. And explore the stories we've received already.

Lifestyle & Belief

Former rocker nabbed as sex offender

Paul Gadd, formerly known as the 1970's British glam rocker Gary Glitter, flew home to Britain today after spending three years in jail in Vietnam for sex offenses...and after getting kicked out of three other countries. Anchor Lisa Mullins has details.

Conflict & Justice

Trauma court for Vets

There's an effort underway in a few courts across the country to give special treatment to veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan who are charged with crimes. From member station KRCC in Colorado Springs, Andrea Chalfin reports.