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Marcel Marceau auction

The legacy of Marcel Marceau is on auction in Paris. Hundreds of items once owned by the legendary French mime are being sold by his family to pay off debts he accumulated before his death in 2007. Genevieve Oger reports from Paris.

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Geo Quiz Answer

Today's answer is Ukraine, home to the village of Oktyabrskoye, where some residents want to change the village name to honor the late Michael Jackson. Anchor Lisa Mullins has details.

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Global Hit: Bebe

In our Global Hit today is from a Spanish singer who was thought to be a flash in the pan after her successful first recording. But as The World's Marco Werman tells us, some pop stars work better when they take the time to create.

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Global Hit

The World's Marco Werman asks 60's icon Marianne Faithfull about her favorite music. Faithfull's in the middle of a brief tour of the US for her recent album, Easy Come, Easy Go.

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Yorgo Bacanos

The Global Hit today pays homage to the oud and, in particular, to one of the great Oud masters, the late Yorgo Bacanos. Correspondent Matthew Brunwasser has the story from Turkey.

Global Politics

Berlusconi goes on a rant

Anchor Marco Werman talks to RAI journalist Fabio Colonna about the latest Silvio Berlusconi sandal in Italy. We will hear what was said when the Italian prime minister called in a talk show and insulted the program and its host.

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Former rocker nabbed as sex offender

Paul Gadd, formerly known as the 1970's British glam rocker Gary Glitter, flew home to Britain today after spending three years in jail in Vietnam for sex offenses...and after getting kicked out of three other countries. Anchor Lisa Mullins has details.