Global Politics

U.S. election helps British deli?

The effects of the US election have infiltrated many parts of the world, but some places weren't expecting it. In England, the Rosslyn Deli in Hampstead, North London has mysteriously sold out of all its American food products. Anchor Lisa Mullins finds out more from the deli's owner, Helen Sherman.

Global Politics

Spain's bailout plan

Spain's construction industry has been hit hard by the country's economic downtown. Now the socialist government there has unveiled a 15-billion dollar economic rescue plan to help get people back on the payroll.

Arts, Culture & Media

Marketing Bob Marley

The family of the late Bob Marley has set up a company to license the Jamaican reggae star's image. The World's Marco Werman tells how "The House of Marley" brand will adorn everything from clothing to snowboards to beer.