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Revisiting Baghdad's Palestine Hotel


ATTENTION EDITORS - VISUAL COVERAGE OF SCENES OF INJURY OR DEATH Samia Nakhoul, now Reuters Middle East Editor, is seen in the back of a car after being wounded at the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad, April 8, 2003, in this image taken from video footage. A U.S. tank fired a shell at the hotel from which she was reporting. Picture taken April 8, 2003. To match Special Report IRAQ-BAGHDAD/ISLAM REUTERS/Pool via Reuters TV (IRAQ - Tags: POLITICS CIVIL UNREST) TEMPLATE OUT - RTX119MZ

Violence is surging again in Iraq, where more than 2,000 people have been killed since April.

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Reuters correspondent Samia Nakhoul recently returned to Baghdad after a decade away.

Nakhoul was born in Lebanon.

But she was in Iraq in April of 2003 to cover the invasion.

She was on the 15th floor of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad when the US invasion began.

What happened to her there changed her life.