Kate Bush Talks About Snow and a Producer Melts


Kate Bush image for "50 Words For Snow" (Photo: katebush.com)

In all my years studying and working in broadcast journalism, the one artist I've most wanted to schedule an interview with was the British singer Kate Bush.
Until last week, I never thought it would happen.
Kate Bush is known for releasing albums few and far between. And when it's time to promote her music, she rarely gives interviews.
So was I surprised, thrilled and frankly rather faint when she agreed to be on our program. Here I was finally getting the chance to produce an interview with KATE BUSH!
In the days leading up to the big day, I listened to her music during my commute, in chronological order. I started with her first release from 1978, The Kick Inside, moved through her magnum opus 1985"²s Hounds of Love and finished with her glorious new album 50 Words For Snow.
It was wonderful to listen to tunes I hadn't heard in years ("The Dreaming"), while others I play fairly frequently ("Experiment IV").
All week I thought of questions.
I know Kate Bush doesn't like to talk about herself, so I needed to focus on her work, her art.
I wanted to touch upon her love of comedy and literature.
And she's always been at the forefront of musical technology so I wanted to know about that.
Host Marco Werman and I went through the questions together. Marco asked the question many fans wonder, why she doesn't tour. Her first and last one was in 1979.
Bush's answer didn't make the on-air broadcast, but you can listen to her answer here:
Kate Bush speaks with Marco Werman by The World
Kate Bush spoke to us via Skype from our home outside London. When her manager dialed in, my heart skipped a beat. There on the other end was my female musical icon apologizing for being late.
We couldn't see her, but I didn't care. Her voice wafted through the big speakers. It felt like I was eavesdropping on the telephone.
Our engineer, Robin, asked if I wanted to say anything to Bush once the interview ended. I immediately said no, I was too nervous. But as the interview went on, I thought why not. She was friendly, approachable and clearly enjoying herself during the interview.
In the end she thanked us for asking "thoughtful, intelligent questions."
So, once the interview was over and I floated to the console. Either Robin or Marco introduced me to her, I don't remember exactly. And Kate Bush said my name.
BUSH: "Are you April?"
ME: "Yes"
BUSH: "Hello April!!"
She said my name as if she knew of me.
I thanked her for taking the time to speak with us. I told her I was a big fan and thanked her for all the great music.
And that was it.
We said goodbye and the Skype line was dropped. The artist I most wanted to thank was gone, but the music that I'm thankful for will last forever.

April Peavey is a producer for The World.