The debate surrounding Olympic yoga

Few people in this country think of yoga as a sport, let alone an Olympic sport, but that's not the case in India where this yoga expert says it's been a competitive sport for over 1,200 years. That man is spearheading the movement to get yoga into the Olympics. In competitions, competitors are judged on balance, strength, poise, flexibility and grace. The official says yoga as a sport is popular in India and it's different than how Americans view it�as a means of relaxing and exercise. But not all yoga practitioners here see it that way. Students in this yoga studio in Cambridge are practicing a strenuous form of yoga. This man who founded that brand of yoga is eager to see yoga be in the Olympics because it will legitimize the sport. This yoga teacher in Los Angeles doesn't get the idea of competitive yoga because she sees yoga as non-competitive. This teacher has stronger objectives because yoga is about mental transformation and a philosophy. It's far from certain the Olympic Executive would even accept another subjective sport, according to this Olympics expert.

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