Politics of Iraq

Iran's role in Iraq

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks to Tufts University professor Vali Nasr about the role Iran plays in the war in Iraq, as top US commander General David Petraeus told a Senate committee today that Iran played a direct role in last weeks violence in Iraq.

Lifestyle & Belief

Awakening councils

One-time Sunni insurgents in Iraq have helped stabilize the country through so-called "Awakening Councils,� but as The World's Katy Clark reports, their role in the future could depend on how the Sunnis get along with Iraq's Shiite-dominated government.


Three trillion dollar war

Anchor Lisa Mullins speaks with Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz, co-author of "The Trillion Dollar War,� that's what he says is the real price of the war in Iraq.

Arts, Culture & Media

Geo answer

The answer to today's Geo Quiz is Iraqi Kurdistan, an autonomous region within Iraq. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with tour operator Janet Moore who's now organizing trips for tourists interested in exploring the culture and history of northern Iraq.


Iraq gears up for weekend elections

Iraq holds its first election in three years. Up for grabs are 440 provincial council seats. The last time Iraq held provincial elections, Sunnis largely boycotted the vote. This time everyone's getting in on the act. The World's Katy Clark reports.