South Asia

Conflict & Justice

'For less than a dollar, you can [buy] a liter of acid and basically destroy someone's life'

Almost 10 years ago, a young Pakistani woman was held down by her mother-in-law while her husband and father-in-law threw acid on her. Some 150 operations later, Bushra Shafi is working as a beautician in a hair salon in Lahore, started by a hairdresser who was moved to help victims of acid attacks when one of them came into her salon and asked simply: "Can you make me beautiful again?"

Global Politics

The mission in Afghanistan

President Barack Obama is to discuss US policy in Afghanistan with his national security team, as speculation mounts over a decision on troop levels. The World's Jeb Sharp looks at options for what any additional troops would actually do.

Global Politics

Reaching out to the Taliban

Afghan President Hamid Karzai is reaching out to the Taliban ? as a way to decrease tensions inside Afghanistan. That's welcome news to many in the spiritual home of the Taliban?Kandahar. The CBC's Derek Stoffel reports.

Charlie Wilson obituary

Anchor Marco Werman remembers Charlie Wilson, the former Texas Congressman who died yesterday. The Congressman's efforts to increase US support for Afghan rebels in the 1980's were the focus of the film ?Charlie Wilson's War.?