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Bollywood movie piracy

Host Lisa Mullins speaks with film distributor Ken Naz about the cost of pirated movies to India's film industry, known as Bollywood; Indian movie producers estimate that pirated movies cost them a billion dollars a year

Global Politics

al Qaeda in Yemen

Washington has launched a new effort to take on al Qaeda in Yemen. Recent air strikes have inflicted a toll on militants, but have also spread anti-American fervor. Anchor Marco Werman speaks with Time magazine correspondent Vivienne Walt.

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DJ Ipek

For today's Global Hit, we meet a Turkish-German DJ who recently went on a US tour organized by Los Angeles based BOA Events and supported by the German Embassy in Washington DC. Sasa Woodruff has the story.

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Immortal Technique

Judith Sloan profiles a Peruvian-born rapper and political activist known as Immortal Technique. He's on a mission to help orphans in Afghanistan. That's quite a contrast to his wild years as a teenager and the 12 months he spent in prison.