A bi-weekly podcast about art and culture (and especially the stuff in between). Studio 360’s Sean Rameswaram talks to the people who make the memes.

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#19 - Humza Deas Puts Shame in Your Instagram Game

Sideshow January 23, 2015

Humza Deas isn’t impressed by his nearly 100,000 Instagram followers, though he should be. He earned every one surfing subways, climbing bridges, and scaling New York City’s skyscrapers for the perfect photo. Sean Rameswaram speaks with the ambitious 17-year-old, who taught himself everything he knows about trespassing.

#18 - Absolutely Anything Goes at The Comedy Store’s Roast Battle

Sideshow January 08, 2015

WARNING: This sideshow podcast covers stand-up comedy. As a result it features sexual humor, racial humor, and a lot of four-letter words. Hope you’ll listen anyway! The roast is a sacred tradition for stand-up comedians – maybe a little too sacred. The form remained essentially unchanged from the classic Friars Club roasts of the 1960s and 70s to the more recent Comedy Central installments featuring Pamela Anderson and James Franco. But a group of comedians is taking the roast to new, ever more insulting places at the venerable Comedy Store in Los Angeles. Sean Rameswaram attends a show and speaks with host Brian Moses and Roastmaster General Jeffrey Ross.

#1 - Giving the Perfect GIF

Sideshow December 19, 2014

The reaction GIF has recently made the jump from email chains and message boards to art galleries and museum exhibitions. Sideshow's Sean Rameswaram talks with Tyler Menzel, who tags animated GIFs for a living at the search engine Giphy. (He’d like to be known as Notorious G.I.F.) He said the animations express “the essential human emotions: hunger, love, and sadness. "If you're feeling things other than that, you're wasting your energy."

#17 - The Best of 2014’s Internet

Sideshow December 11, 2014

It’s the end of the year and there are more “Best of” lists than there are people to read them, but we figured we’d add one that seems to be missing: the Best of the Internet. With the help of past sideshow guests, Sean Rameswaram attempts to compile a collection of the best videos, sites, songs, and memes that thrived online in 2014. Good luck, kid.

#16 - High Maintenance: The Internet’s Best TV Show

Sideshow November 25, 2014

Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair don’t remember how the idea for "High Maintenance" came to them. Considering the show’s subject matter, that’s to be expected. Though some might dismiss a web series about a weed messenger and his customers, "High Maintenance" might be the finest TV made exclusively for the internet. Yes, it has won acclaim from High Times, but also the New Yorker. Sean Rameswaram speaks with the married couple about taking their show to new heights.

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