Everything you want to know about classical music but are too afraid to ask is answered on The Record Shelf. Host Jim Svejda, one of the most respected and critical voices in classical music, has guided the program since he launched it in 1983. The Record Shelf brings listeners imaginative, thematic classical programming.

Svejda reviews both old and new recordings and also presents artist retrospectives and insightful interviews. His "thumbnail" sketches of individual composers are one-of-a-kind programs; and his expert, irreverent, and highly opinionated style has made The Record Shelf a favorite classical series among loyal listeners across the United States.

John Diliberto

John Diliberto is a nationally published writer and award-winning radio producer who has spent many years exploring and exposing new music. His productions have long featured space music, avant-garde, jazz and new wave sounds, culminating in the award-winning "Totally Wired" program, which directly preceded "Echoes."