Each day on "Q," host Jian Ghomeshi covers entertainment, pop culture and high arts with forays into the most provocative and compelling cultural trend. A wide-range of guests -- Leonard Cohen, Salman Rushdie, Dolly Parton, Jay-Z and more -- explore provocative topics from the branding of politicians to whether "cougar" should be embraced or discarded by older women. "Q" -- a cultural intervention!

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Boyhood star Ellar Coltrane on coming of age on the silver screen. Madwoman in the Volvo author Sandra Tsing Loh on re-thinking menopause and her year of raging hormones. Best of Q: Owen Pallett performs from his highly-anticipated record, In Conflict.
Not Impossible's Mick Ebeling on how 3D printers are changing the lives of Sudanese amputees.Is MLB doing enough for gay players? Glenn Burke's sister and MLB's Ambassador of Inclusion weigh in. Best of Q: Project Runway's Tim Gunn on designing destiny.
Natalia Kaliada, exiled artistic director of the defiant Belarus Free Theatre, on fighting for free expression. Film critics Nathan Rabin and Katherine Monk on retiring "manic pixie dream girl". Best of Q: Jad Abumrad on award-winning NPR show Radiolab.

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