PRI's The World: 6/11/14

June 11, 2014

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From Tikrit to Mosul, the terrorists in the ISIS organization are seizing territory and forcing the Iraqi military out. We'll check in with eye witnesses on the ground about what they're seeing. Meanwhile, in Europe, taxi drivers are protesting the ride-sharing service Uber. And we look at where the language of soccer comes from.

Stories in this Edition

Midia ninjas are a big hit online, but Brazil's police and journalists think they're a nuisance

We’ve been hearing a lot about anger in Brazil leading up to the World Cup, which kicks off this Thursday. People have been protesting over everything from bus fare hikes to the billions spent on the country’s 12 soccer stadiums. The unrest has caught mainstream media off balance. In part because of Midia Ninjas.They call themselves citizen journalists: volunteers covering the social unrest with their smartphones.

Music Heard on the Air for June 11, 2014

Music played between segments on The World for June 11, 2014 included songs by Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band, La Chiva Gantiva, Adrian Raso and Fanfare Ciocarlia, KPM, Christos DC and Shanaka Yakusa.