PRI's The World: 5/08/14

May 08, 2014

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Listen to a conversation with the leader of one of the NGOs that took part in the recent #BringBackOurGirls rallies in Abuja, Nigeria. And, China's complicated relationship with Mao today - he's officially revered, but Chinese youth don't pay much attention. Plus, a hot-shot Ecuador-born mixologist in New York City who revels in creating, and naming cocktails.

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Global Politics

Her contributions to South Africa were unknown, but a new film aims to change that

For 95 years the remains of Nokutela Mdima Dube lay ignored in a Johannesburg cemetery. Also ignored were her contributions to education, the creation of the African National Congress, and even a distinctive singing style later made famous by Miriam Makeba. Now a new documentary by an African scholar and filmmaker based in Minnesota restores Nokutela's place in the historical narrative of the New South Africa.