PRI's The World: 12/24/2013

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ethnic violence escalates in South Sudan. We speak with the US diplomat who helped mediate the peace talks between Sudan's north and south. Also, Edward Snowden gives a face-to-face interview with Washington Post writer Barton Gellman. And the Eastern European tradition of Krampus - for those who have had enough of Santa.

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Global Politics

Edward Snowden is OK with what he's given up to start a debate on surveillance

Washington Post contributor Barton Gellman sat down with Edward Snowden in Moscow for a 14 hour interview, recently. It was the former NSA contractor's first major interview since he was granted asylum in Russia. Gellman describes Snowden as something of a shut-in who doesn't mind living alone in his Moscow residence, now that he's sparked an international debate on surveillance.

Marco Werman

Marco Werman is the host of PRI's The World.