PRI's The World: 11/29/2013

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Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday on The World:  America's "Black Friday" phenomenon spills over the border. We hear about shopping traditions in Mexico, China and Morocco.  We also head to the Philippines to hear about a community that seemed to get some storm protection from mangroves. And Canada's Olympic curling trials get some special coverage this weekend, Ron Burgundy (aka Will Ferrell) is co-hosting the commentary.  

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Dutch architect helps rebuilding effort after Sandy using nature to fight floods

After Typhoon Haiyan and Hurricane Sandy, coastal communities around the world are looking to restore natural barriers and ecosystems that once helped cushion the blow of storms. Dutch architect Henk Ovink is helping with the rebuilding effort after superstorm Sandy as a member of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Taskforce of the US government.

Aaron Schachter

Aaron was The World's Middle East correspondent for eight years. He now assigns and edits reporters around the world.