PRI's The World: 10/25/2013 (Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Armenia)

October 25, 2013

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The latest NSA spying revelations rattle America's European allies. Also, a look back at another case of friend-spying-on-friend, this one involving Britain and the US, in the lead-up to World War I. Plus, a chef's quest to make Japan's soba noodles here in the US.

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Health & Medicine

Mexico's lawmakers are trying to reduce the appetite for sugary, fizzy drinks with new law

If Mexican legislators get their way, it will soon cost a bit more to purchase junk food and soda. Several proposals to raise taxes on junk food and sugary drinks are moving forward as part of a bigger tax reform bill. The new taxes are seen as a way to address soaring obesity rates in Mexico and to raise much needed tax revenues.