PRI's The World: 02/24/2014

February 24, 2014

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A former leader released from jail, while a sitting president flees the palace and now faces an arrest warrant. The Ukraine story continues to play out in unbelievable twists and turns. Plus we launch "The Ninth Month," our new multimedia series on pregnancy and maternal health around the world. We begin the series with a profile of a woman in rural Nepal and the strenuous work she does in the fields throughout her pregnancy.

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How the sands of time have almost swallowed a German ghost town in the Namibian desert

French photographer Romain Veillon has a thing for taking pictures of abandoned places. And you can't get much more abandoned than Kolmanskop, a German diamond mining town in Namibia that became a virtual ghost town in the early 1950s. Veillon visited Kolmanskop last summer, and returned to France with 4,500 photos of a place where time, but not sand, has stood still for decades.