PRI's The World: 02/12/2014

February 12, 2014

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The Women's Olympic ice hockey competition heated up in Sochi, with the Canadian women's team going up against their American counterparts. The last couple of meetings have seen bench-clearing dust-ups between the two sides. Also, we hear from an American couple who fell in love on a mountainside in Iraq. But then tragedy hit, testing their relationship. And, our history guy, Chris Woolf, sticks his toe into the dangerous intersection of camel archaeology and Biblical chronology.

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Does the West have a monopoly on romantic love?


Is love, romantic love, a universal emotion? In the West, it often seems we live, die and even kill for love. Love is passionate, foolish and cherished. But in many cultures, arranged marriages are the norm and romantic love is, well, disruptive. It turns out people across the globe feel romantic love, but they don't necessarily act on it.