PRI's The World: 02/11/2014

February 11, 2014

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Remembering Shirley Temple Black, the diplomat. But the one-time child star was more than that. She was also the US ambassador to Czechoslovakia during the collapse of Communism. Also, we find out why so many athletes at the Olympics are competing for countries they don't call home. And a chat with Irish author Roddy Doyle. In his new book, he brings back Jimmy Rabbitte of The Commitments fame.

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Here's why Irish author Roddy Doyle revisited his characters from The Commitments

Roddy Doyle made a splash in the mid-1980s with his first novel, The Commitments. He then took those characters on two more journeys with The Snapper and then The Van. Afterwards, he put them on a shelf for more than 20 years. But Ireland's recent economic crisis brought him back to the world of Jimmy Rabbitte's Dublin in a new novel called The Guts.