PRI's The World: 01/07/2014

January 07, 2014

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What's behind the new battle over Fallujah, where US soldiers fought and died just a few short years ago. Also, a month out from the Sochi Olympics, Russia starts deploying a heavy security blanket to try to keep the Games safe. And, we remember a writer known as "Iran's Hemingway" who made a visit to Israel.

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Science, Tech & Environment

Was the Spirit of Mawson Antarctic expedition serious science or a reckless tourist trip?

Those on the Spirit of Mawson Antarctic expedition were relieved and jubilant when they were rescued last week after being stranded on a ship caught in Antarctic pack ice. But some polar scientists were not as jubilant. They question the trip as more a lark than a serious expedition — which diverted several icebreakers from serious scientific work.