PRI's The World: 01/06/2014

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Monday, January 6, 2014

As the "polar vortex" puts large parts of the US on ice, we check in with Yellowknife, Canada, where minus 30 degrees is pretty standard winter fare. Also, French entrepreneurs head to Silicon Valley frustrated by the lack of IT ambition and opportunities in their native France. All that, plus remembering one of soccer's truly great artists, Eusebio, who died this weekend at the age of 71

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Conflict & Justice

A powerful al-Qaeda group is fighting in both Iraq and Syria

It's been quite a week for an al-Qaeda spin-off called ISIS. Last week, ISIS took over Fallujah in Iraq. But it seems some of the local Sunni tribes abandoned the group and have joined government forces fighting against al-Qaeda. Then, rebel groups in Syria combined to attack ISIS there. Borzou Daragahi of the Financial Times explains the politics that work for and against ISIS.

Marco Werman

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