Take a rapid-fire tour of the day’s hot-button issues. Award-winning journalist Warren Olney leads an informative and thought-provoking discussion of major news stories with expert guests that bring multiple perspectives on each issue to the table. Daily Newsmaker and Talking Point features round out each episode with a personal touch. Produced by KCRW/Santa Monica.

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Guest host Todd Purdum explores Hillary Clinton's challenges in wooing younger voters.
Police killings of black people in two more American cities have raised the total of such incidents to more than 200 in this year alone.  It now goes almost without saying that black Americans don't believe official explanations, and the Congressional black caucus is demanding Justice Department...
America's "service economy" features fast food and retail industries that depend on part-time workers. That's great for business, but it's hard on the workers involved. This week the Seattle City Council passed new rules that might provide them a better chance for survival. We update the always...

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Warren Olney

He is the only person to have been twice named Broadcast Journalist of the Year — for his work in both radio and television — by the Society of Professional Journalists, Los Angeles. He is the recipient of Emmy Awards for reporting and anchoring, and Golden Mikes for investigative reporting. Olney was a television news reporter and anchor from 1966 to 1991, working in Washington, D.C., Sacramento and Los Angeles.