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Faced with a stream of migrants from Africa and the Middle East, European leaders want to reduce human trafficking and end the spectacle of deadly shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea. But controversies over immigration in EU countries make that easier said than done.
President Obama revealed today that CIA drones accidentally killed an American and an Italian being held hostage by al Qaeda in Pakistan. It's the first public acknowledgement of its kind, raising new questions about the drone program and US intelligence.
Last night, President Obama insisted that he's a champion of the middle class, calling Senator Elizabeth Warren, environmentalists and organized labor flat out ?wrong? for opposing his trade deal with 11 other nations. We hear from defenders of the massive trade deal and from opponents, including...

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Even your medical records aren't safe. Chinese group hacks into hospital's patient records

When you go to the hospital, you give up a lot of very personal data, not the least of which is your name, address and Social Security number. Recently, a group of Chinese hackers associated with their government's cyber espionage program branched out from their usual work and targeted a huge hospital system's patient database — and got away with a huge haul of personal data.

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