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In Ferguson, Missouri, the use of military equipment against peaceful protesters backfired on local police, producing an escalation of violence.
After yesterday?s 5-hour meeting with diplomats from Ukraine and Russia, Germany?s Foreign Minister told reporters: ?things can get even worse." Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces have won enough ground to make a ceasefire unlikely ? while separatists say new Russian arms and soldiers are on the way.
After 5 days of escalating confrontations between protesters and local police, the Missouri Highway Patrol took charge in Ferguson last night. In a welcome change since Saturday?s police shooting of a young, black man, there were ?no road blocks, no tear gas and no arrests.? But the shooting itself...

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Are we actually pushing Russia further away by shining such an intense spotlight on its questionable practices?

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have put a spotlight on Russian practices that don't comport with the rights and freedoms generally accepted in the west. But a Russian-born educator, who spent a long time living and working in the US after being forced out by the Soviet government, says we're not really helping move Russia forward.

Jian Ghomeshi

Jian Ghomeshi is an award-winning broadcaster, writer, musician and producer who was born in London and is based in Toronto. He is now the host and co-creator of the daily CBC Radio One talk program "Q." Since its inception in 2007, "Q" has garnered the largest audience of any cultural affairs program in Canada and has become the highest-rated show in its morning time slot in CBC history.