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61,000 unaccompanied kids who have arrived at the Mexican border are upsetting the plans of members of Congress about to go home for the August recess. Before they leave, can House Republicans pass a bill that looks like it deals with the problem? What?s at stake for the mid-term elections and the...
The US has more people in prison than China, a country that?s 4 times larger. Now, there?s bipartisan support for cutting the sentences of almost half of all current federal prisoners. But some hardliners still maintain that tough sentencing is the reason that crime is on the decline. We?ll hear...
Twenty years ago, before the alarm about Climate Change, the World Bank warned about upcoming wars ? not over oil, but water. Is water a commercial product, or a basic human right?

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Kurt Andersen

Kurt Andersen has been a columnist for "The New Yorker" and was editor-in-chief of both "New York" and "Spy" magazines, the latter of which he co-founded. Andersen began his career in journalism at "Time," where he was an award-winning writer on national affairs and criminal justice, and then for eight years the magazine's architecture and design critic.