Take a rapid-fire tour of the day’s hot-button issues. Award-winning journalist Warren Olney leads an informative and thought-provoking discussion of major news stories with expert guests that bring multiple perspectives on each issue. Daily Newsmaker and Talking Point features round out each episode with a personal touch. Produced by KCRW/Santa Monica.

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One percent of all Americans own 35% percent of the nation's wealth. CEO's are paid more than 300 times what an average US worker makes ? and the wealth gap is growing.
On this week's trip to Asia, President Obama will try to make up for lost time, despite continued preoccupation with the Middle East and Russia's threat to Ukraine. Can he reassure allies about trade relations and mutual defense without alienating China?
The Obama Administration again has put off a final decision on the Keystone XL pipeline. The Republicans are united against any delay. Democrats are divided.

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Are we actually pushing Russia further away by shining such an intense spotlight on its questionable practices?

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have put a spotlight on Russian practices that don't comport with the rights and freedoms generally accepted in the west. But a Russian-born educator, who spent a long time living and working in the US after being forced out by the Soviet government, says we're not really helping move Russia forward.

Warren Olney

He is the only person to have been twice named Broadcast Journalist of the Year — for his work in both radio and television — by the Society of Professional Journalists, Los Angeles. He is the recipient of Emmy Awards for reporting and anchoring, and Golden Mikes for investigative reporting. Olney was a television news reporter and anchor from 1966 to 1991, working in Washington, D.C., Sacramento and Los Angeles.