Book your ears on a nightly 'round-the-world trip with As it Happens. From conversations with news makers to up-close and personal accounts of the unusual and unexpected, hosts Carol Off and Jeff Douglas bring you the stories behind the stories of the day.
As it Happens gets its stories from "the horse's mouth" - securing interviews with world leaders, rabble-rousers, and deposed dictators. The show has a soft-spot for "characters" and never turns its nose up at something wild, weird, or wacky.

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A pitched battle. The British Army is abandoning a tent city in Kandahar. Refugees in Iraq need shelter. But one NGO is having trouble getting the help it needs to move the tents from point A to point B.
Not his father's son. Zak Ebrahim changed his name to distance himself from his father's legacy of terrorism -- but in his new memoir, he takes a close look at what it was like to be raised by El Sayyid Nosair.
In one frozen moment. Dozens of people are still missing after an avalanche in the Himalayas -- and the owner of a Montreal tour company fears for the life of his friend and colleague.

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Carol Off

With extensive experience in both Canadian and international current affairs, Carol Off has covered conflicts in the Middle East, Haiti and the Balkans, as well as events in the former Soviet Union, Europe, Asia, the United States and Canada. She reported the fallout from the 9/11 disasters with news features and documentaries from New York, Washington, London, Cairo and Afghanistan. She has covered Canadian military missions around the world, including its latest combat operation in Kandahar.

Jeff Douglas

With a background in narration, storytelling and considerable experience in theatre, Jeff Douglas's dynamic personality has allowed him to tackle the most obscure and interesting situations ranging from mushing dogs in Yukon to leaping out of planes with 442 Squadron search and rescue personnel.