Book your ears on a nightly 'round-the-world trip with As it Happens. From conversations with news makers to up-close and personal accounts of the unusual and unexpected, hosts Carol Off and Jeff Douglas bring you the stories behind the stories of the day.
As it Happens gets its stories from "the horse's mouth" - securing interviews with world leaders, rabble-rousers and deposed dictators. The show has a soft-spot for "characters" and never turns its nose up at something wild, weird or wacky.

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It's chiefly a problem of exorbitant compensation. The staggering sum paid to the chief of one BC First Nation prompts questions from across the country.
A woman after her own art. A follow-up on the story of an Iranian artist whose work was confiscated when she tried to bring it home to Canada: the ornate box will finally be allowed out of the box.
Philomena Lee, whose son was kept from her by Irish nuns, explains why she let go of her anger, a pastor who performs divorce ceremonies, a man who forgave the Iraqi militant who murdered his son, and the song that father inspired.

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