The GroundTruth Project is a foundation-supported initiative dedicated to training the next generation of foreign correspondents in the digital age. It is focused on the issues of social justice including human rights, freedom of expression, emerging democracies, the environment, religious affairs and global health. 

Led by Executive Director Charles M. Sennott, a co-founder of GlobalPost, GroundTruth seeks to foster dialogue and engagement about these issues, with the aim of finding solutions as well as exposing injustice. GroundTruth also seeks to build the capacity for freedom of expression in developing countries around the world by helping to train a new generation of correspondents who can work together across different media platforms and cultural backgrounds.

GroundTruth is currently developing fellowships, workshops and seminars led by Gary Knight, Co-Founder of the VII Photo Agency and director of Tufts University's Program for Narrative & Documentary Practice. This spirit of country-to-country, people-to-people partnership is at the core of GroundTruth.

Contact The GroundTruth Project at: thegroundtruthproject [at]

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