The mission of GlobalPost is to help fill the enormous void that has grown up in coverage of the world by US news organizations. More than ever before in history, we need knowledge of other countries and of the global forces that are impacting our economy, our environment, and our very security. Every day, GlobalPost delivers written reports, video and photography that inform and entertain, taking people to far flung places around the globe most will never visit but where events are shaping all of our lives.

GlobalPost seeks to exploit powerful global demographic, political and economic trends by being the only Internet journalism site devoted exclusively to international news and related content. We attract an educated, affluent sector of the U.S. population that, research shows, are drawn to international news, as well as readers from virtually every country and territory on earth. By generating revenue from our free destination Web site, our exclusive subscription membership, and our syndication products, GlobalPost is well-positioned for success.

GlobalPost has 18 executives and editorial staff at its Boston headquarters dedicated to marketing, sales, and business activities as well as editing and producing the thousands of pieces of content we publish each year. At the core of our team is our network of credentialed journalists around the world that live and work in the countries they cover, providing a ground-level view on the most complicated and interesting international stories. GlobalPost is advised by a distinguished group of journalists on its Editorial Advisory Board and is funded by a small group of private investors who believe in our mission and have a long-term perspective on our business.

Latest Stories

Conflict & Justice

A haunting tale of isolation, loyalty, murder, and survival

In 2004, 34 men, women and children stepped out of a forest in southern Laos. They had never seen cars, telephones or television, and believed that they were refugees from a war engulfing their native Cambodia. They did not know that the war they were fleeing had in fact ended — a full 25 years earlier. Journalist Corinne Purtill traveled to Cambodia to learn about their life on the run.