Escape into a modern soundscape of evocative, ground-breaking music that crosses cultures, traditions and musical boundaries. Host John Dilberto guides you through the world of contemporary music, sharing his thoughts and featuring artists and events that are shaping contemporary music. Enjoy a lovely blend of instrumental, world fusion, impressionistic jazz and intimate Living Room Concerts recorded in artists' homes. Produced by John Diliberto and Kimberly Haas.

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Richard Leo Johnson is an idiosyncratic guitarist who pushed the limits of Michael Hedges-style extended technique. He then went completely out-there with an Americana music of the imagination. His new album, Celeste, posits the idea of an alien abduction of once of his characters, the hobo-...
From ambient guitar to dobro, Carl Weingarten has fused his own musical path over the last 30 years. He talks about his travelogue of Americana, ambient and electric jazz on Life Under Stars.
Brian Reitzell is the music supervisor for films by director Sofia Coppola and he composes original music for TV shows such as Boss and Hannibal. Now he has a new solo album that pays homage to 1970s Krautrock called Auto Music.

John Diliberto

John Diliberto is a nationally published writer and award-winning radio producer who has spent many years exploring and exposing new music. His productions have long featured space music, avant-garde, jazz and new wave sounds, culminating in the award-winning "Totally Wired" program, which directly preceded "Echoes."