Escape into a modern soundscape of evocative, ground-breaking music that crosses cultures, traditions and musical boundaries. Host John Dilberto guides you through the world of contemporary music, sharing his thoughts and featuring artists and events that are shaping contemporary music. Enjoy a lovely blend of instrumental, world fusion, impressionistic jazz, and intimate Living Room Concerts recorded in artists' homes. Produced by John Diliberto.

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John Luther Adams is the Pulitzer and Grammy award winning composer whose work is always connected to the environment. He talks about his award-winning composition, Become Ocean, and how he left Alaska because the landscapes that inspired him were melting away due to Global Warming.
Miranda Lee Richards’ parents were 70s underground comic writers. Metallica’s Kirk Hammett gave her guitar lessons and she was discovered by The Brian Jonestown Massacre. On her new album, Echoes of the Dreamtime, she has taken folk sounds and deployed them through delayed guitar and psychedelic...
Ashley Capps created the Bonaroo Festival, but at the other end of the spectrum, he’s also created Big Ears, a festival in Knoxville that embraces Sun Ra, Yo La Tengo, Philip Glass and The Gloaming’s Celtic aires. Join John Diliberto when Ashley Capps charts a course through this year’s Big Ears...

John Diliberto

John Diliberto is a nationally published writer and award-winning radio producer who has spent many years exploring and exposing new music. His productions have long featured space music, avant-garde, jazz and new wave sounds, culminating in the award-winning "Totally Wired" program, which directly preceded "Echoes."