Escape into a modern soundscape of evocative, ground-breaking music that crosses cultures, traditions and musical boundaries. Host John Dilberto guides you through the world of contemporary music, sharing his thoughts and featuring artists and events that are shaping contemporary music. Enjoy a lovely blend of instrumental, world fusion, impressionistic jazz, and intimate Living Room Concerts recorded in artists' homes. Produced by John Diliberto.

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His fans are called Bassheads and he sells out venues like Madison Square Garden. Bassnectar is the recording persona of Lorin Ashton. He doesn’t play a conventional instrument, and his sound is a sonic collage, mixing other records and sounds over throbbing beats and deep bass. Lorin Ashton talks...
We know her as one half of the dream-pop masters of slo-mo melancholy, Azure Ray. But Orenda Fink has a new album of her own, Blue Dream. She talks abut the death of her dog and the ensuing depression and dreams that led her to explore existential themes of life and death and relationships.
Love Inks is a trio from Austin who don’t sound like the usual rootsy country dusted rock, psychedelic revivalists and the odd post-rock band that come out of that city. Instead, this trio is creating a minimalist dream-pop, with the barest of rhythms, the most austere arrangements and the soulful...

John Diliberto

John Diliberto is a nationally published writer and award-winning radio producer who has spent many years exploring and exposing new music. His productions have long featured space music, avant-garde, jazz and new wave sounds, culminating in the award-winning "Totally Wired" program, which directly preceded "Echoes."