Day 6 from the CBC is a lively news magazine show that brings you a fresh and surprising take on the week. Think of the show as your weekly news cocktail, shaken and stirred. Host Brent Bambury brings his sharp mind, sense of humor, and charm to the program, honed after years of hosting everything from network television to daily radio.

Latest episodes from Day 6:

On this week's show: Should we make contact with extraterrestrials? Why people get so riled up about Kanye West, and is Airbnb hoarding all the good apartments? Plus a Day 6 encore: Hitler and the royals.
On this week's show: narcocorridos about El Chapo's epic escape, Harper Lee's hyped book Go Set a Watchman, transgender people openly serving in the U.S. military, comedian Tig Notaro, and swimming up the St. Lawrence river.
On this week's show: what it's like to fight a wildfire, how Greek tragedy can help explain the financial crisis, dealing with bad neighbours, and why erotica writers are unhappy with Amazon.

Brent Bambury

Brent Bambury has always had a deep connection to radio and was still a teenager when he launched his career at CBC working in Saint John, Halifax and Montreal. Decades later, with extensive radio and television journalism experience under his belt -- and still obsessed with creating new content.