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You know the earth is round, the sky is up, and your dog loves you. But HOW do you know those things? This week, how we form opinions – the psychology and brain chemistry behind our beliefs. You & Your Brain - Julian Keenan; Sonic Sidebar: The Political Divide; Irrational Beliefs - Will Storr...
This episode explores the artist and new ways to think about the creative process Steal Like an Artist - Austin Kleon; Powers of Two - Joshua Wolf Shenk; Myopia - Mark Mothersbaugh; BookMark: Charles Duhigg on "The Children"; On Our Minds: The Great Migration.
Want to improve your mood? Just dance. This hour we’re talking with people who’ve found an easy way to keep themselves happy, to build friendships, and make art. We’re checking in with neuroscientists too, to hear just what happens in our brains when we’re dancing. Also, how dancing together...

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Explore the final moments of a dying man who chose to end his own life

Ben Wald's death in 2013 did not make headlines, like the death of Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman who took her own life due to a terminal illness. But like Maynard, Wald died on his own terms, thanks to Oregon's Death With Dignity Act. His wife, Pam, however, is now an advocate for the compassionate dying movement and is helping to keep the issue in the public eye.