Go in-depth on some of the world's most fascinating topics with Peabody Award-winning host Jim Fleming. His in-depth interviews with world-renowned guests challenge you with new thoughts and ideas. Fleming's passion for a deeper understanding of the world around us comes through in this engaging and award-winning magazine. It's smart radio for those with curious minds. Produced by Wisconsin Public Radio.

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Science fiction offers us visions of histories we don't know -- histories of the future and the past.  Today, legendary science fiction writers talk about science, utopia, and the imagination.  Plus, the winners of our 3 Minute Futures fiction contest! CLICK HERE to read the winning...
Why not better-abled? Superpowers - Aimee Mullins; Asking for Help - Haddayr Copley-Woods; Sonic Sidebar: Eavesdropping; Touching Sound - Evelyn Glennie; BookMark: Orhan Pamuk; On Our Minds: Poet Rae Armantrout.

Jim Fleming

Jim Fleming's been a radio junkie all his life, listening to the Cards and the Cubs on his transistor under the pillow, and to Gunsmoke with his Dad in the kitchen on Sunday nights. For more than 40 years he's been paid for his habit at Wisconsin Public Radio. His program Guernica won the Ohio State Bicentennial Award. He and his wife live near Madison and revel in the regular company of their grandson Cameron.