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Both practically and symbolically, our voices are one of the primary ways that we interact with the world around us. Since ancient Greece, the voice has represented participatory democracy, and today we still argue about whose voices to include in our national conversations. But even though we...
Thanksgiving How to Cultivate Gratitude; Raising Gracious Children; The Problem with Gettng Help; Gifting is, well, complicated; Punk Turns 40!; Patti Smith.
There are many ways to live dangerously. Sure, you could take part in a death defying feat like skydiving. But living dangerously also sometimes involves taking intellectual risks, opening up, and being honest with yourself. To the Best of Our Knowledge recently travelled to...

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Explore the final moments of a dying man who chose to end his own life

Ben Wald's death in 2013 did not make headlines, like the death of Brittany Maynard, the 29-year-old woman who took her own life due to a terminal illness. But like Maynard, Wald died on his own terms, thanks to Oregon's Death With Dignity Act. His wife, Pam, however, is now an advocate for the compassionate dying movement and is helping to keep the issue in the public eye.