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Science, Tech & Environment

From napalm to nature: How the bald eagle helped turn a weapons factory into a wildlife refuge

The Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge, outside of Denver, didn't start out as a conservationist’s dream: During World War II, the army built a chemical weapons factory on that spot. The plant produced mustard gas, napalm — an entire arsenal of deadly chemicals. Now it’s one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the country.

Health & Medicine

Is marijuana really an effective drug? Surprisingly, scientists have no solid answer

The movement to legalize marijuana for medical use continues to gain momentum in the US. Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia have approved marijuana for medical use and a handful of states allow recreational use of the drug. As the debate continues, one surprising fact emerges: There is no strong scientific evidence to support the arguments of either side.

Science, Tech & Environment

Microbes may hold the key to future high-tech meds and materials

Yeast and E. coli are the workhorses of synthetic biology, reprogrammed and reinvented to manufacture medicine and chemicals. But why stop there? Billions of microbes exist on the planet that might have just the genes we need to make next-generation materials and medicines. The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is already on the case.